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A.A. 2020/2021
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The master of science's degree in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is obtained by passing a final exam consisting in the preparation and public discussion of a thesis written in English. To have access to the final exam the students must pass all the exams required by their study plan, and complete the internship (not compulsory) or integrative activities (Labs), for a total of 105 ECTS.
The thesis is formally assigned by the thesis advisor (relatore), who will supervise the progress of the work, assisted by the discussant (correlatore). Approximately four-to-six months of full-time job are required for the preparation of the thesis, depending on the typology (applied or research-based thesis).

The thesis must be an original work of the candidate and must address a specific relevant topic in relation to the contents addressed during the program. Guidelines and detailed procedures are available to enrolled students in a reserved section of the course website.
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Students will be trained to independently engage in all the stages of a thesis project. Through the process they will learn how to formulate a research question, review extant literature, elaborate theoretical and/or empirical analyses, write a clear piece of or a relevant contribution to management and innovation practice, and present the results in front of an audience during the Thesis final defense.
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