Socially responsible investing

A.A. 2020/2021
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The interest in responsible investing has steadily grown over time to such an extent that the investment community has shifted from asking whether to adopt social, environmental and governance principles in driving their investment decisions to how they should implement them concretely. The goal of the Lab is to introduce Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI): definition, main strategies, market size and their relevance for investors and companies. Moving from the basic concepts in finance, e.g., stocks, bonds and mutual funds, students will be confronted with the value creation opportunities related to bridging sustainability and finance. Teaching will be based on case studies and interaction with the class.
Risultati apprendimento attesi
At the end of the Lab, students will be able to define sustainable and responsible investing and resonate about its boundaries. They will also understand the objectives of investing responsibly and how the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria can create opportunities and risks for investors. Finally, students will be able to analyze the sustainability profile of a company, highlighting the main risks and opportunities of its business model in relation with sustainability.
Programma e organizzazione didattica

Edizione unica

Primo trimestre
- The Program will NOT change due to the pandemics emergency (lessons will be hold via remote)
- Reference materials and bibliography will NOT change due to the pandemic emergency
- Lessons will be hold live via electronic platform Microsoft Teams (or ZOOM TBD), live, presentations will be in pdf format
- Exam will be based on a multiple choice test via electronic platform. The test will be based on the presentations and materials used during the lessons.
The program will follow this agenda:
- Introduction to main financial instruments: equities, bonds, mutual funds (circa 2h)
- Introduction to SRI and ESG (circa 4h)
- The SRI and ESG market (circa 4h)
- Environmental, Social and Governance Factors (circa 4h)
- ESG analysis and Stewardship (circa 4h)
- Assessment and debrief (circa 2h)
No prior knowledge is required.
Preferably, read the following publications:
- GSIA, Global Sustianble Investment Review, 2018
- Investimenti Sostenibili (Ed. EGEA) (Italian only)
Metodi didattici
The lessons will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform (or ZOOM, TBD), live, and can be followed synchronously on the basis of the lessons schedule.
Materiale di riferimento
- Presentations and materials distributed during the lessons
Link: presentations will be sent to students via email.
- GSIA, Global Sustianble Investment Review, 2018
- Investimenti Sostenibili, EGEA (Italian only)
Modalità di verifica dell’apprendimento e criteri di valutazione
The assessment will be based on:
- participation during lessons
- assessment of assignments (TBD)
- final test
- CFU: 3
Attivita' di laboratorio: 20 ore
Docente: Bonati Aldo